Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall Sensory Box

I put together a fall sensory box for my little guy. I found some cool things from Target for cheap that worked wonderfully! Little acorns, sparkly foam pumpkins, foam leaves (some sparkled and some didn't), a few of the sparkly, fuzzy pom poms, and then I threw in a real pumpkin and one stalk of Indian corn. I hid the corn under the rice except for the part with the dry husks. Just to make him curious. ;-)

Doesn't it look pretty?! Turned out better than I thought it would. :-)

He went for the corn right away. :-D

Digging out the leaves.

Haha Don't think that tastes too good....

Pulling out the foam pumpkins.

What now???

More leaves!

I think the real pumpkin is a hit. :-)

It needs a train, Mommy!! :-D

This has been one of the best sensory boxes for him. I left it out for a few days, and he has been playing with it every day. Several times a day! He added in new things, sorted everything and placed them in individual containers, made his own mini sensory box (!!!), and used the tongs perfectly! I wasn't surprised about the tongs because he has been able to use scissors correctly for about a month, but still... it was exciting! :-)

Whenever I can, I'm going to leave a sensory box out for about a week. I usually just do it for that one day, but now I'm like hmmm. This is a good idea... Since I have a new water table to put the sensory stuff in, I can keep it out longer for him. Well, it's not really "new". I got it at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for a buck! It's the one I've been wanting since the beginning. :-)

As I've been writing this post my son has been playing with his rice and containers. Too funny. :-D Next time I think I'll use beans.

If you've never tried a sensory box, please do! You'll be surprised at how much your kids will love it. :-)

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