Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Pretend Stove

I found the coolest idea on this blog the other day: http://andnextcomesl.blogspot.ca/ It was for making your own little pretend stove! She called it a pack-and-play stove, and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make it for my little guy. My main goal with it is for his speech development. It's a great way to teach new words in a fun way. Here's the direct link to her stove: http://andnextcomesl.blogspot.ca/2013/08/pack-and-play-stove.html

And this is how I took her idea and made it work with what I had available at home and at Dollar Tree. ;-) It's a smaller stove, but it was the biggest container I could find so I made it work.

I already had some extra measuring spoons and cups so all I had to buy was a container, some ramekins, and an oven mitt. Then I lucked out and found a big pot with a lid, a wooden spoon, and a handheld grater for $1! I was so excited! I only spent $4 for his little stove. Score! :-D


The next step was making the burners and the knobs for the stove. I used a red foam sheet and cut out four circles, and then I drew circles in it with a permanent marker to make it look like a burner. I did the same with the white foam sheets. I'm glad I keep some of those around for crafts because I was able to complete it all in one day. A miracle for me! haha Then I just hot glued it onto the lid and voila! A little stove! A BIG thanks to the blog I got the idea from!! I never would have thought of it otherwise. :-) Now I see possibilities everywhere. ;-)

Josiah is wearing a robot costume his daddy made him in these pics. :-D

He had to put the "oven door" back on. ;-)

Ding! Time to take the food out.

Mmm looking good.

Taking them out. They're HOT!

All out. :-)

Pouring some liquid in.

All done! Time to taste!
My sweet boy. :-)


The next time I take the stove out I'm going to mix it with some beans or rice, pom poms, and beads. I definitely want to use water one time, too. That way I can work on that word/sign, too.

Here are a couple pics of him with the whole robot outfit on. :-D

Cutie!! That's it for now. :-)


William Page said...

Love the little guy


Robert Page said...

$4 bucks on a pretend oven is amazing but think how much ben spent on that robot costume, he blew your budget, robot costumes are atleas $200 these days!