Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: Kiss Me Awake

Kiss Me Awake is Julie Momyer's first book. I have mixed feelings about this story. On one hand, I liked the story of redemption and forgiveness. It's a powerful message and really well executed. But on the other hand I didn't like some of the things she put in the book about the main character. She could have handled it much more tastefully. Plus, I hated how I was catapulted into the story without knowing what in the world was going on, and who everybody was. It was very confusing, way too cryptic, and maddening!! I almost didn't keep on reading, but I'm glad I did because the mystery was really good. :-)

Jaida Martin has been searching for her identity for years. Being abandoned as a baby and never knowing who her mother was, has shaped much of her thinking through the years. A couple years ago, she joined the Baseel Detective Agency to find her mother. But for the past two years, all her time has been spent accumulating evidence against William Gale, a budding political figure. What she found has put her in a very dangerous position. Can she prosecute Gale before something bad happens to her?

Spencer Gordon has never stopped loving Jaida even though she has put him through the wringer with her actions. As he goes to God with his anguish, he can't help but wonder... should he end their marriage? Or keep holding out hope for reconciliation?

It's not a book I'm excited enough about to really recommend it, but I will say this. She writes a great mystery!

I was given this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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