Monday, May 06, 2013

Book Review: My Toddler Talks

My Toddler Talks by Kimberly O. Scanlon is a book to help parents who have a speech delayed child. The author is a speech pathologist, and her book is filled with great ideas.

I absolutely loved this book! I have a child who is delayed with speech. His is fixable; we just have to work at it, and I'm glad we started him with a speech therapist at 2! He has shown a tremendous improvement in just a few months.

But I wanted to know more about what I could do throughout the week. The therapist has told me lots of good ideas, but this book has been wonderful for me. It tells you all kinds of play activities you can do with your child and gives step by step instructions of what you are supposed to do and what you are trying to get the child to do. It is super detailed. All the activities I have tried with him have been a big hit. 

I love how she reiterated what my son's therapist has already told me - make sure you clean up your activity before you go to the next one. Such a simple thing to do, but it helps them learn order which in turns helps with speech. I think I got that right. haha  My son knows that we clean up before something else so he will sing the clean up song when I say we are done. Or he will say done and sing. lol

Try this book out if your child is behind with language. It has been a huge help for me already. :-) It made me realize I can do this - I can help my child to talk. :-)


Kimberly Scanlon said...

Dear Maria,
I just stumbled upon your review.
Right now, I'm smiling ear to ear. I'm so happy to read your feedback Yay!
If you don't mind, I would love to spread your review on my social media outlets.
Thank you!
Kim Scanlon

Maria said...

Sure! No problem!! :-)

olkowskiscanlon said...

Hi Maria,
I couldn't find your email address, so I'm posting here. Since you enjoyed using My Toddler Talks, I would love to feature a piece about your experience on my blog - It would be in an interview (written) type format. Would you be interested in participating? I believe my readers would LOVE to read about your impressions and know how my book has helped.
Would love to hear from you!
Kim Scanlon