Monday, April 08, 2013

Kim Vogel Sawyer Book Review

Sweet Sanctuary by Kim Vogel Sawyer is different from the books she usually writes. I've read a lot of fiction and nonfiction books set during WWII, but none quite like this one. I loved how she brought out a little known fact in American history.

When Lydia Eldredge's best friend died in childbirth four years ago, she entrusted her son to Lydia so that she can protect him from his father, Nic Pankin. Nic is a morphine addict who only wants Nicky so he can sell him for money to feed his addiction.

Lydia's dad decides to take matters into his own hands and writes to Dr. Micah Hatcher telling him to
marry his daughter so she wouldn't have to raise their child alone. Micah journeyed to Boston to set the misunderstanding aright, and once there heard the whole story about her son. He encourages Lydia to pray for answers and to tell the truth so she can legally adopt Nicky.

Micah travels back to NYC where he works at a clinic for low income immigrants. He loves working there, but it's also the perfect place to help his brother, Jeremiah, who is over in Europe. Would she agree with what he's doing to help his brother?

Lydia goes to NYC to find the midwife who delivered Nicky and stays at the apartment building where Micah lives. When Micah leaves in the night, she decides to follow him. Why is Micah so secretive all of a sudden? 

What a great book!! I loved how the author didn't give this story a cookie cutter ending. It was just more satisfying because it was more like how life can be.

I was given this book free from NetGalley courtesy of Bethany House. I am not required to give a positive review.

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