Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jen Turano Book Review

A Change of  Fortune by Jen Turano is a most read book! She reminds me of how Georgette Heyer writes - very witty and funny. :-) This is her first book, and I must say it is a smashing success. (I've always wanted to say that... Do I sound British enough? hehe This isn't set in England, though. Gasp. haha) I can't wait to read her second book! And her third and so on... :-D

Eliza Sumner has been employed by the Watson family as a governess, but she's really Lady Sumner. She traveled to America because her governess and her father's man of affairs stole her fortune and ruined her family's name. She is determined to find them, bring them to justice, and restore her father's good name. When she finds out that they are passing themselves off as Lord and Lady Southmoor, she sneaks out of the house to get her money back. The Watson's oldest daughter, Agatha, follows her and convinces Eliza to let her go along.

Once they break into the house, they run into Hamilton and Zayne Beckett. Soon after literally running into them they hear police whistles and rush out of one of the windows. But through a series of misfortunes, Eliza and Agatha get taken to jail. Once freed by the Beckett brothers, they return to the Watson's residence where Eliza promptly gets fired for being a bad influence on Agatha. Hamilton insists Lady Eliza stay at his house, and she reluctantly agrees since his mother is there.

While at the Beckett house, Eliza slowly becomes in charge of Hamilton's children and loves them as her own. As she begins to realize she is falling in love with Mr. Beckett, she can't help but wonder if he will ever love her for who she is and not for what she can provide for him.

Check this book out! It's really worth it. :-)

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