Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Historical Fiction Review

Chalk up another awesome book for Judith Miller! A Hidden Truth is the first in the series entitled Home to Amana. It's about two girls, Karlina Richter who has lived in the Amana colonies her whole life, and Dovie Cates whose mother used to live in the colonies.

Dovie's mother never talked about her life before she married so Dovie is curious about her family in the colonies. After her mother died, Mr Cates wants to move to Texas for his job, and Dovie doesn't want to. She begs her father to let her visit her cousin's family in Amana until he is settled in Dallas. Her father reluctantly agrees and off Dovie goes to discover the secrets her mom never mentioned.

Karlina is more interested in helping her father with the sheep than in helping her mom in the kitchen so when the leaders of the community sent her dad a young man named Anton to help him out Karlina is frustrated. Anton doesn't care for the well-being of the sheep and has anger issues. Karlina doesn't trust him to take proper care of the sheep especially when she notices that he doesn't listen to her dad's instructions.

Dovie and Karlina become good friends. Dovie is sure Anton likes Karlina, but Karlina doesn't believe it. Besides she could never love him.... ;-) Dovie has a love interest of her own - Berndt. He brings the bread to the kitchen house every morning, but for some reason Dovie's aunt is determined for them not to be together.

Why can't Berndt and Dovie be together? And why did her mom leave the colony when she obviously didn't want to go? Will Karlina be able to help Anton's anger issues and make him into a good sheperd? You'll have to read the book to find out. And trust me, it is well worth the time! I loved it. :-)

I was given this book free as long as I review it.

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