Saturday, August 14, 2010

Surgery Update

My surgery turned out more complicated than it was supposed to be. Ben and I got there a little before 9:30 and didn't leave to go home till 2:45! It was a looong day. :-) They got me in a room by 10 and started an IV, and then the anesthesia guy came in and went over all my info with me. Then the assistant to the GI doc came and talked to me. The GI who did the replacement I've never met before, and I never did meet him!!! I was knocked out before I saw him. So that was kinda weird. lol Anyway, they took me to the surgery room at 11 and got me all set up, and then I was asleep.

When I woke up, I could hear myself coughing, wheezing, and having a hard time breathing, but I was still so out of it. They were trying to get me to use my inhaler. I tried but just didn't have the strength and wasn't even sure where it was. lol They finally got it in me. I heard them telling the recovery nurse my blood presure was staying really low, and I was having tachycardia the whole time in surgery. And now the asthma attack. So they got a nebulizer to me really really quick. I don't even remember all that. I remember them telling me several times to wake up and breath. I finally woke up enough and was breathing the stuff in better. I had the treatment for about 20 minutes, and I felt lots better when it was done. My blood pressure finally rose so I didn't have to take any meds to raise it. But my heart rate stayed fast the whole day. I think when they went in to suck up the stuff from my stomach that my pill must have still been trying to digest. I don't know, but it was fast all day so I felt miserable.

I wasn't able to feed after midnight and then the surgery took 2 hours instead of 30 minutes! Then they told me I couldn't drink anything for an hour and couldn't feed until 8 pm!!! I was like oh, no.... I was feeling so shaky and weak. I fell while trying to transfer to my power chair. Ben helped me. It was just like oh, wow I am weak. So I was sick all day and just needed rest and lots of it. I finally managed to eat a little something and drink some Ginger Ale. I was so happy to start my feeds!!!

The other problem was that when they went to replace my tube, they noticed that the tube was really coiled up and was in stomach. The end of the tube was going into the small intestine, but it was too close to my stomach. So that probably explains why I have been sooo sick the past couple of weeks with intense nausea, feeling full, stomach upset, and losing weight. I'm glad we got this thing fixed and out of me!!! They think it messed up so bad b/c of my growing stomach, and I didn't have enough cord to continue down into my small intestine. They made sure I had enough this time so I'm hoping and praying it stays where it's supposed to so I don't get so sick again!!!

The baby did fine, though! So that was great news. :-) I didn't get any contractions, either. When I was awake enough, I could feel him moving, and I was so relieved. :-) God worked it out again, and I am very thankful.

I slept for about 11 hours before the surgery, and last night I got about 10. But I still don't feel well today. I was ok for the first hour I was up, but the more I moved and did stuff they sicker I got. My head is really hurting, my throat is super sore from the tube down me for 2 hours, the sides of my neck near my ears are very tender to the touch - probably from the tube, too - and I just feel exhausted. I wanted to paint today, but I don't know.... Ben said I should just rest and not do anything. :-)

Ben's 12 hour shifts started up today. He will be working 12 hours every day for 3 weeks. That means weekends, too. I miss him already. lol I'm used to him being around on the weekends so it's weird. :-) We might not be able to get leave for our anniversary. It would be nice if we could just b/c next year the baby will be here and this is our last time of just us for awhile. But it's ok. As long as we spend time together that is what matters. :-) He's going to see if they will let him use his 4 day for reenlisting for our anniversary. So we'll see what happens. :-)

I might have another banner order! That will be nice. :-) Here's my other order I had. I was able to send it out yesterday! Yay! I really hope she likes it. It's for her little girl's room.

Monday is another OB appointment. Tuesday is a class I'm taking at Quiltin' Country. Wednesday is my GI appoitnment, and then I'm free!!!!!!!! Until the next week when I have a cardiology appointment. lol Most of my appointments are in Temple, and it's such a loooong day on the HOP.

Well, that's my update. Hope everyone is doing well!


Megan said...

DRAGONFLIES!! Absolutely sweet. I bet you enjoyed doing a different design. At first I said what are those dots on the letters, then clicked for a bigger picture and it's LADYBUGS! Perfect touch! You are so creative. She will love it. So glad the surgery is over and you're okay. Once you heal up maybe you won't feel so sick and have enough energy to get some things done. Then it will be time for the baby =) I am so excited for you!!

mil/mom/kat said...

I'm glad all that is over for you and that baby boy did fine. I have not been to my pottery class for three weeks, it is so stressful. I think it is because the teacher can't teach. I look forward to seeing your first quilt. My first piece of pottery was pitiful looking.

Maria said...

If you check my first entry for August, you can see the quilt. :-)

Wesley Page said...

Yea, good to hear all that is over with. Sorry Ben is working awkward shifts now. What was the reasoning for his shift change. Is this just temp?

Its cool you have a little side business with the banner going on. Its like a hobby that you get some pay for.

I used to make logos for various business through my graphics design website. I enjoyed doing it and people paid me. lol

You two take care or I mean you three.


Maria said...

Wes - Yes, it's temporary for about 3 weeks. It's a gunnery.

I know! I love getting paid for doing art. It's what I always dreamed I could do some day!