Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby Room!

Well, kinda. lol The crib is up!!! I need to get a frame for the Peter Rabbit picture so I can hang it up above the crib. I'm so excited!!! The crib is sooo nice. :-) So I need help with how to hang quilt.

This way....

Or this way....

The bumper up close. Mom made it for me, and I just stitched in the ditch. So I had the easy part! Thanks for a perfect crib bumper, Mom! :-)

I love how cute the rabbit looks in the crib. :-)

I'm thinking I want a green dust ruffle, not yellow gold like I originally thought. I think it needs more color.

I will eventually take pics of the cool things I have gotten for the baby. I have an OB appointment tomorrow. Oh, the baby is still growing on schedule! He is 2 lbs. 11 oz. :-) He's getting so big.... I can't believe I'm in the third trimester already!

I have another small banner order. It's for a little girl. It's going to have monkeys on it so it should be interesting. lol But cute. ;-)

I've been working on some sewing projects. My plan for this week is sewing and painting. Last week I wasn't feeling well. Just very very tired and dragging. Then I was losing my voice and realized oh, I have thrush again. That's why I feel so out of it! I feel better now. :-) I took my medicine for it. My GP has still been giving me trouble. Sigh.

Oh! They are going to change the med I take for tachycardia once the baby is born. I have to wait 12 hours after my last dose before I can breastfeed, but I can!!! I am sooo glad they were able to find a med I can take that is safe for the baby! It may make my asthma worse. That is the only problem. Oh, and it might not be as effective as my current med, but I am willing to give it a shot for the baby's benefit! So I need to update my registries with things I need for breastfeeding. I am so happy it is working out!!! :-)

Next week is Ben and I's 4th anniversary! Can you believe it?! Ben is hoping to switch with another guy to get the day off. Hopefully, it will work out. :-)

Edit: Most people on facebook said they liked the squared look, but I just didn't. It was too perfect looking!!! lol ;-) I like this much better. Besides it's not going to look pretty for very long. :-D

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mom/mil/kat said...

Did you make the baby quilt? I like it very much. I look forward to seeing all that you have. I thank God for the blessing of this child, I can't wait to see him. Tell him grandma loves him.
Tracie used to sing to Ben and Wesley all the time when I was expecting them.