Monday, June 21, 2010

Ben's Birthday

A friend commissioned me to paint these two banners! I need to sell one more banner so I can buy the sewing machine so I can finish the baby quilt.

Our power came off for no reason a couple weeks ago. For no reason! For seven hours! lol

Kaylee being Kaylee.... :-D

Looking cute.

Ben's birthday table.

Ben's wearing the hat I got him. I loved how cute he looked in this one so I put it up even though his arm is blurry.

I had a better pic, Mom, but the stabilizer wasn't on so it was super blurry!!! But he loved it. :-)

The Handy Man book - Mom and Dad got him this book so he can make cool things for our boy. He can't wait. :-)

An ice cream maker! He picked chocolate so I found a recipe. We saw Toy Story 3 on the day after his birthday so before we left I mixed it up so I could make it really quick when we got back. He liked it. :-) By the way, we LoVeD Toy Story 3!!!!!

I got him Tron since he had been wanting to see it. We saw it that night, and for a movie made in 1982 it was surprisingly good!

I made a little funfettit cake with homemade icing.

Let 'er blow.... He got all of them, of course.

Just wearing the hat.

Well, we are having a boy!!! So exciting. We've known a boy name for years so that hard part is done! :-) Just a few days before the ultrasound I was thinking, you know I'm used to boys what with all my nephews, and I have been around some of them as newborns. They are so sweet, and I love how they are boys right off. It's so fun. I am dying to buy some boy clothes now!!! Something, anything boy would be nice! I can not wait to hold him in my arms. They need me for such a short amount of time, I want to enjoy every moment I can! I am dying to see what color hair he will have, and what his personality will be like.

The baby is growing right on schedule!!! Another miracle from God! Right now he is supposed to be around 8 1/2 oz. and he is 12 oz! My OB said he is a little bigger than the dollar bills we need to start saving for his college right now. :-D Oh, for the last few days, I have been feeling the baby!!! So 19 weeks is when I first felt him. I need to find a baby book and fast!

Ben's birthday was this week. This was the first birthday we got to celebrate ON his birthday!!! Can you believe it?! I think we have finally celebrated everything together now. :-) I'm glad we got to end on something fun. On Friday we went to see Toy Story 3. That movie was awesome! We both loved it. I laughed so hard during that movie. We plan on buying it, but I told Ben that means we have to buy the first 2, too b/c our son will want to watch all of them. lol

My pain level is extremely high from not taking a couple of my meds. I have been having a hard time sleeping b/c my nerves keep screaming at me. If my nerve pain is manageable, my stomach is having lots of sharp pain like daggers keep digging into me. So I'm exhausted, have been struggling with a sore throat and headache for more than 2 weeks, and just wish my pain would calm down enough for me to sleep. :-) I'm going to look into a foam thing to go over the mattress - see what the best one is for a good price. I'm hoping that will help my pain. I'm hating our bed right now. lol :-D My neurologist and I knew I might have to get back on my meds during the pregnancy, but I'm still hoping I can make it to the third trimester b/c all I want is to be sick and weak from pain before labor! Not good.... :-)

We are trying to get our move changed to December so I can stay with my docs here. It involves a lot of paperwork, but hopefully, the right person will get the paperwork in time to switch his orders. It's riskier for us to move b/c of switching all my docs and getting into surgery quickly enough to get my mic-key changed to fit my expanding stomach. Oh, I will try to get a pic of my belly for you guys. It just hasn't happened yet. You know how that goes. :-)

I think that's about all the news. :-)


Megan said...

Glad you two are having fun times in spite of not feeling well Mer. Keep the updates coming (and belly pics) and let me know if you need something!

mil/mom/kat said...

Pain and joy, valleys and mountains, God is good through it all. We are praying for you; I'm so proud of how strong and brave you are. Little bit sure is going to be blessed with great parents. Thanks for the pictures and info.

bobpage said...

Ben and Marie. If we take the B from Ben the M from Marie..we have
Boys More.
Marie we will buy the poster. I will call Kathy. We will soon have enough boys for a ball team.
God bless.

Maria said...

I got another banner order so you don't have, too. I'm actually in the process of drawing the designs on two banners today. :-)
I do love baseball. lol