Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Days

I had an awesome time with my best friend!!! We all had a blast. I so did not want her to leave. I wish we lived closer. But I'm so thankful we finally got to see each other after almost three years!!! She got us Mario Kart for Wii. Ben and I play that a lot. It's too fun. Plus, you can get on the internet and play with others. So get on, Daniel......

Here's Ben with the luggage and her violin. She was happy that he carried it right. lol

We surprised Anne by taking her to the American Girl store. We are both into that. ;-) I remember going to the library and reading them when they were first starting out. I really wanted Samantha. She's in the vault now. Don't know why! Anyway, there is a cafe up top. It's a cute place. Oh, you can also "borrow" a doll. LOL We declined, but the waitress was like you have to one! So she got us some!!! Hysterical! So Anne asked her to get me Kit when she started to leave us. :-D She's my fave after Samantha. So she brought Kit's best friend, too. The waitress was so into it, it was scary! When Ben came to take us home, the woman asked him if he wanted a doll! Weird woman! Anne's like he already has one. :-D Good comeback. She didn't seem to hear so Ben reiterated it.

So here I am at the American Girl restuarant.

My July 4th table.

Here we are. :-) My fave holiday..........

FIREWORKS!!!!!! I finally got to go. We found the perfect spot, AND it was easy to leave and go back home.

My fave pic.

Oh, my shirt said, "I love sparklers". :-D

Cool, huh?

Just relaxing.

Anne's birthday table. I love those flowers. Don't know what they are, but they smell heavenly! I would like to find a perfume with that scent.

I have to paint them.

Flowers from Anne's family. The basket is too cute.

My I'm done with pictures! Give me the camera already!!! face.

Anne's Mom sent us a present. Well, Anne made up a game for us to find the gift. She gave us clues, and we had to run through the house to find the clues and gift. We enjoyed it. Plus, it rhymed. ;-) I love rhyming things.


Bible Tribond! It's fun, AND you can play with only 2 players.

Anne taught me how to play "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". And when I say that, I mean just the notes to those words. lol It was more fun than I thought it would be! You have to take lessons, Megan.

Anne brought her kite, and we all flew it the day before she left.

Then we blew bubbles. Kaylee liked to bite them.

And then my camera died! The cord got stuck in my camera when it was charging. When I pulled it out, the wires came out. Anyway, when I ordered a new cord, it still didn't charge it so now I am without a camera..... I can't live without a camera!!! :-) I'm not sure when we will get one.
Ok, August 12th I get my wisdom teeth out and two other teeth for braces. August 26th I get my spacers, September 2nd I get my braces. September 1st I get a new j-tube. Interesting anniversary presents, huh? :-D On the 23rd, (this week!) I have another EMG. So please pray for me! Those are not fun. I also will have autonomic testing done the same day. We have to be at Dallas at 8 am! It's a 2 1/2 hour drive. Yuck.
I'm exhausted so I'll talk to y'all later.


Anonymous said...

what does the 'yh' mean at the bottom of your post?

Megan said...

Wow lots of pictures! I'm so glad you all had fun. I've always wanted to play violin Mer, I'm jealous ;o) I want to come play Mario Kart with you!!! We'll be praying...

kathy/mil/mom said...

Making memories, what a great thing to do with your best friend. I always enjoy spending time with mine.
I don't envy you for what you have to look forward to. Its like pulling teeth, ouch! I will be praying for you.