Wednesday, April 02, 2008

All About Adventurous Adorable Arianna

hey! mom and i got to watch Arianna all day today so i have lots of pics of her getting into everything! she loves harry and is always trying to get into him. i helped boost her up in this pic, but by the end of the day she was able to get in my robochair and crawl onto my bed. LOL
she was so proud of herself. :-D

arianna loves this dog. reminds me of jared, megan. cute pic of her loving the puppy.

mom got her her own little chair. her face was so funny when she sat down. her mouth did an O b/c it was her size. it's a princess chair, by the way.

for some reason she loves the toilet paper! we ended up shutting the door! i shudder to think what she will do when she learns to open doors........

mom found a phone that isn't connected so she could play with a real phone. why don't they make kid's phones that look and sound like real phones? they always seem to hate the toy kind. somebody get smart and invent that! ;-)

my left eye wouldn't let me wear my contacts today, and then i had touble with my glasses. when i first put them on the right lense came loose and almost fell, but i caught it and put it back in. then later i took my glasses off and that same lense fell out on the floor! AHHH so i called mom in to make sure the lense wouldn't get run over by my robochair so mom could find the lense b/c i couldn't see good. crazy...... (oh, i'm doing lots better now healthwise. yay!)

this is my fave pic of arianna. i took it today. such a cutie. :-)

when arianna was eatng supper, she would try to share her green beans with me. so tempting. my fave vegetable. i used to eat the whole can, and then feel miserable. ;-) i restrained myself today. aren't you proud of me?! LOL children make life so wonderful. they bring loads of laughter along with terror ridden moments when they are about to wreck something. (i'm in a crazy mood tonight. you can tell by how i'm writing.) anyway, it was a refreshing day for mom and i. oh, yeah, the best part about children is that we can be silly and nobody looks at us like we are crazy. at least, i hope not..... :-D
hope everyone is doing well. don't forget to leave me a comment!


kathy said...

Hey, I miss having a little girl around, can I borrow her a little while. Arianna is so cute. Its been a long time since Tracie was little. Its wonderful that you are feeling better. God is good.

Megan said...

What sweet pictures Mer! I remember when it was Seth toddling around getting into everything at your mom's. I totally empathize with the doggie, cell phone and toilet paper escapades! It will be great to see you all again...Keep getting better and I want to see pics of the art you've been working on!

Ben said...

Wow, a baby, that's good.
Babies are neat, but I want to see Maria!

Anonymous said...

Babies ARE great, but I want to see Maria too! AHEM, hint hint :)