Monday, January 08, 2007

My Birthday

hey! this first pic is ben before he had to shave off his beard. i was so sad. you can't really see it that well, but i like him in it.

my birthday table. isn't it cute?

just for you, mom. i had to take a close-up of the cool 50s party napkins you got me. lol

a cupcake cake! cupcakes i can eat, and boy were they ever GOOD!!!!!
hadn't done these in years. notice ben's blow thingie is in the picture, too. oh, i had 4 candles left. i must still be nineteen. ugh. lol oh, ben put an extra candle on so i would be 20. much better than teen. yes, he got my age wrong. i told him it was ok cuz it was my one to grow on. :-D

i like this one. reminds me of watercolor.

ben and his weird angles when he takes a picture. there you have it! my birthday is over. happy birthday, adam!!!!

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Megan said...

Happy birthday yesterday Maria! You guys look like you had fun and I love your table. Adam got his card from you today; we'll have a little party tonight after PTM.