Friday, December 01, 2006

Our Thanksgiving

hey everybody! i'm finally on to tell you what happened on our first Thanksgiving. ben had the great idea of having a picnic! we had a to go plate from Applebee's that we put ben's food in, and then ben just put the whole pie and sweet potatoe casserole in the basket. lol i had my microwaveable meal - it was so good! - and some of my snickerdoodles.

we went to the lake. there was hardly anybody there so we felt like we were alone b/c we couldn't see anybody except for a boat every once in awhile. i had some punch in my kool-aid pitcher that we sat near the picnic basket. well, after ben had about two glasses, this bee comes along. he just buzzed around that pitcher, and then went inside of it and started drinking some from the sides of the pitcher. he did that a couple of times, but soon got braver. next time he came back and got into the punch. well, we had become attached to this bee so ben threw out the punch so the bee could live. the bee kept on drinking the stuff and flew off again. he came back again, but this time he drank too much. he started flying drunkenly. it was hysterical. we couldn't stop laughing at our poor little bee. the whole time we were there he would come back for more and buzz crazily off. one time he brought a friend. lol

that wasn't the only entertainment we had. there was a lone duck swimming. he kept bopping up and down to get his food. it was so cool to watch! i didn't realize they could hold their breath so long or that they would eat so long. i don't think he had stopped when we had left.

it was cool to just relax. the weather was perfect, too. we were there for about an hour and a half so by the time we left it was beginning to get chilly.

the sun was just beginning to set when we were packing up. we drove a little to find a good spot to watch it when i yelled, "Ben! Look!" to the right of us were six does and five fawns! they weren't afraid at all. a couple of them butted heads, but for the most part they just ate. then as we were leaving we saw more deer. everywhere we drove there was more and more deer. one time this doe just stopped and stared at us. i wish i had brought my camera! she was beautiful! it was like she was posing just for us.

before we left the park, we did have an adventure. i looked down and there was this big brown spider on my pillow. i was like get if off! get it off! ben opened the window and dumped it out. he told me it was a brown recluse. ugh. so much for picnics.... lol

we did find a great spot to watch the sunset. it was pinky purply then rosey then this brilliant red-orange. looking at it through the stark blackness of trees was awesome.

that night we went to the lights at Belton Lake. they were the best Christmas lights i have ever seen! the end was the best part. it was also the slowest. lol they were Christmas trees going from smallest to largest then largest to smallest so that there was two big trees one after the other. well, the lights would do different things. sometimes it looked like the trees were running, other times it looked like they were just plodding along like normal. looking back at it them was even cooler sometimes.

it was the best Thanksgiving i have ever had. we want to always do a picnic even if we have to do it inside. we accidentally started our first tradition. i guess that's how they all start. :-)


kathy page said...

God made your Thanksgiving something great to remember. I think a picnic is a good way to enjoy the day and an excellent tradition to keep. I'm sure no one has ever spent their day in such an interesting way.
Mom Page

Megan said...

Maria Maria! I Love Your Hair! Sorry I've been outta the loop - my comp was in the shop for 3 WEEKS! Your Thanksgiving sounds so wonderful! I'll send you pics of ours in Tennessee ASAP. You sound so happy :) I'm so glad!