Friday, October 27, 2006

Finally, a blog!!!

Hey! Finally, I have made a blog! It will probably take me awhile to figure out how to work this. I'll just have to call you, Megan with questions. lol Help help.
I'm going to put up pictures of the apartment for everybody and hopefully some pics of the wedding. Oh, and pics of Ben in his uniform which everybody wants to see. I have to show him off, ya know. ;-)
I'm switching the decor in the house to fall/Thanksgiving. Yay! I love the holidays. Soon I will be decorating and painting for Christmas. The best part is painting for the holidays with Christmas music in the background and preferably snow without the cold. I don't think we will be worrying about snow over here, though.
I'm reading Vanity Fair right now. It is really good. Very satirical. I keep on laughing to myself as I read it. Have you read that one, Megan? I was debating between that and War and Peace. Hopefully, I will go to the library soon for that one. A nice thick book wth wonderfully long sentences, huge paragraphs, and words nobody uses anymore. I am so ready to delve into that. Vanity Fair's writing isn't tedious just enjoyable. For some reason I am in the read classics mode.
Well, that's all for now until I figure out how to add pictures on here. (Did you catch the subtle hint, Megan....)
Talk to y'all later.

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